Sunday, December 5, 2010

Free writing

the spie creeped round the the back of the camp trying to find a way in, it had been a long day , tramping 26 miles across the dessert his job was hard but the life of his family depended on his sucess.
Suddenly there was amovment just ahead of him as a men came out for it was now there shift on watch this was the best time to strike when the men were destarcted.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


“Could you PLEASE move out of my way?” questioned Maddy in a stern voice.
“Why?” asked the cheeky little kid sitting on the beam in front of Maddy.
“Because,” whispered Maddy through gritted teeth, “I’m in a race and thanks to you I’m now losing.”
“All right, then.” He jumped off and ran away.

Athletics Writing

"BANG" the clappers went. Paige was starting "ooh come on," I mutter to myself. With out realising I had started jumping on the roaring red track. Paige to Sara good change.

Our inter schools relay teams our versing the teachers and the parents. At the moment the parents are smashing up.

Sara is running towards me determination etched all over her face. I start to run building up speed as Sara came closer and closer.thump the baton reached my out stretched arm, I closed my hands around it and ran round the bend,at about half way I was going as fast as I could my legs seared with the pain and stress of running so fast. Its like my legs are going as fast as a fan at full speed.

I love the feeling of cutting throw the air and wind parting to let me throw.

WOW I can't believe it I've caught Mike. Now its all up to you Ansley I passed the baton on. We were even with the boys team. No not any More we are in front. "Hold on Ansley hold on," I said aloud.

"YES" we beat the boys I clenched fist and punched the air.

Monday, November 29, 2010


“Could you PLEASE move out of my way,”said Maddy in a stern voice.
“Why?” asked the checky little kid sitting on the beam in front of Maddy.
“Because,” Whispered Maddy throw gritted teeth “I’m in a race and thanks to you I,m now losing,”
“all right,then,”He jumped off and ran away.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

free writing

silence fell over the crowd as he stood up" now in rememberance of the brave young men who on this day 1 year ago died inm battle for there king and there country i sir robert heavy sword am going to tell astory from my own experence. the battle of jerusilu8n. so here we go for king and country yelled the troops as they charged across the dryopen plane of the holy land. I was not yet nighted so was behind the nights but in the front row of the common solliders.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Centre Stage

*stand in the wings
*this is it
*black out
*deep breaths stay calm
*breathing as steady as gentle waves rolling in upon the beach
*lights turn on
*music starts

This is it, I'm ready to go standing in the black curtained wings on the side of the stage, heart pounding with all its might against my chest.

"Good luck." murmured Maddy.

OK stay calm Zia, stay calm slowly breath in, now out. I'm trying to keep my breathing as steady as gentle waves rhythmically rolling right up on the soft sandy beach then falling slowly back down.

Its black out now we're on, please don't muck up, dance yourself proud Zia. You can do it. I walk upon the stage my chin held high. I stand straight and still in my position. I drain all expression from my face, face now blank I stand waiting, waiting for the lights to turn on and the music to blare!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Mickey: Luce is a mouse

Broccoli: Zia is boring

Cucumber: Sara is cool

Apple: Soph is annoying

Scene: Broccoli is sitting on the sofa, cucumber is standing casually against the wall and apple is trying to tickle Broccoli.

Broccoli: Stop it, Annoying Apple

Apple: You are so boring

Broccoli: Huh, I personally DO NOT know why I am friends with you

Cucumber: Oi, you two, stop argueing

Apple: Just because you’re cool. Hey, I bet you my stalk that I can get you of that sofa before the day ends, Broccoli.

Broccoli: Sure, start trying!

Cucumber: I am helping you Apple.

Apple: (stopped tickling) Hey, come here and I will tell you a joke.

Broccoli: I am not falling for that.

Apple: OK, I will tell you a joke anyway. Ready?

Cucumber: Bring it on!

Apple: What do you call a fly with no wings?

Broccoli: Don’t know.

Cucumber: (in a whisper) That’s hard.

Apple: A walk, get it……. Ha Ha

Cucumber: (laughing) Cool as Bro…..

Micky: Ha Ha to you, veg is my favourite food!

Broccoli: Aghh, there is Micky the vegitable eater

Cucumber: Run, run, run

Broccoli: Aghhhhh

They all get up and sprint with Micky hot on their heels.

Micky: (coming back on) Poo! I will get them eventually. (walks off)

Apple & Cucumber: (laughing) Ha Ha Ha

Apple: Huh, we got you off the sofa, Broccoli.

Cucumber: And long before night!!

Broccoli: Ha Ha, very funny…… NOT!

But once again, we deceived Micky the vegetarian mouse.

Apple & Cucumber: YEAH!!!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The hunter walked through the bush. The leaves made a noise under his feet.

The determained hunter slowly shifted on his belly through the under groth of the forest as the leaves crunched and crackled under his boby. he aimed the gun and shot BANG it was as loud as thirty ballons being poped at the same time, He cursed as he saw the deer jump away from him.

The fit joyful male hunter walked cassualy along the road with his prize slumped over his soulder. The soft scoulching sound of wet muddy leaves under his heavey army boots pleased him. He felt as light as a feather because he was so happy, he had shot a deer

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Cratia is a moogag a cross between a magnet and a cow.
First i'll talk about the magnet bit while instead of legs it is a shimery mass of pupple shaped kind of like a cloud but instead of staying purple it changes with emotions. The magnet is as big as a desk and two times bigger than the head.
But there are two things that are speical about it first it is very fast when it feels metal But you could call that greedy because his favourite game is how fast he can devourer a piece of metal. but hey you can't blame him I'd like to see you not eat. Well its not exactly like he's eating it he kind of, well its kind of like he just touch's it and it slowly disapears.
Back to the metal, well he is the fastest Moogag in his town of Fedkan on the Planet ikoo, But the bad thing is he only moves when there is metal about because he is magnetic. A moogag is knowen ( Maybe not here thow) because of the gracefulnuss of the way they glide like a fast moving cloud and that is all because of the magnetic cloud of purple. The purple of it is a dark and hard Shade.

The cow part of a Moogag is the head it pops out of the cloud and can hide inside it. Cratia has a muscler head that is white with reguarl brown sploches she has big horns that curl around like a koro patern. Her eyes are aas big as the round bottum of a pump drink bottle and is a deep shade of brown like mud. Her mouth is usally open displaying her two fangs. So mainly it looks like a cows head.

That is what she looks like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Firery Street

As I run across the colourful leaves at the bottom of my drive way. The street is empty apart from me. Crunch they crackle under my feet, I love autumn it has an air of freedom and peace. I lye down upon the firery carpet of leaves and look up into the branches of the firery trees I feel like there is nothing in the world but the tree and I. it is so peaceful here I breath in deeply the air feels damp, fresh and crisp. A light breeze blows across the street picking up leaves and dropping them again.
I picked up a leave it is a deep chocolaty brown. It feels as rough as sand paper I turned it over in my hand this side is as smooth as a white board I think.
I get up and run across the street "Yipy" I shout I feel at home here. I feel safe here in autumn it's so peaceful.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

an afiganistan man

well I think that he has had a hard life. His eyes show it they have a kind sadness in them that bores right into me like I was being x-rayed to see if I was going to help him. He seemed an old man. which means it must be even harder for him. It looks like he hasn't been cared for very well because of the rinkles on his head and the sadness in his eyes.
He has a greecy mastosh like a walruce and wheres a grey turban with silvery grey fur wrapped around it. he has creased lines going from his nose up through his head.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mrs Walker

After I've described Mrs Walker our jump jam you will know what it means to have energy!

I can tell that Mrs Walker wants to get the most out of what she loves, but not only does she want herself to get the most out of it She wants every one else to too. Enthusiastic is not strong enough to describe her.
She works hard so that she can help us learn. That makes me think that every one should show her Their energy in return.
The thing that encourages me most is the way she prances about on the stage like a reindeer that has just escaped into the wild.
She has enough energy to power all of us which is just as well be cause some times we are really tired.
She is obviously very fit and strong as she has big toned muscles.
She is the perfect person to wake us up on a monday morning.

cross country practise

WALT describe - with voice

Anger started to bubble up inside me. It was as if I had violent vegetable oil inside me. I clenched my fist even tighter as I saw them stop and start to walk then they started to kick the cones. I made a face in the struggle to control my rage. In my head I said "far out they don't even want to try and be successful." They should think about other people who want to be successful we can't do it with out them trying. Then my rage bubbled to high "Stop walking" I yelled " and don't cut the cone."

I'm running down the hill behind the swimming pool where the teachers can't see us. That is why people walk here. I get really angery when people walk because it is our team goal and I want to be successful even if they don't.
"you don't even need to run fast" I shouted back and then I was past them.

Monday, May 3, 2010

The journy with a great white shark

WALT create a picture with words

"This is boring" I said under my breath.

We've been down here for 15 minutes now and we haven't caught a thing yet unless you count the gross, green, slippery, wet seaweed that Noah caught and Even that wasn't big. Its really choppy today. We are in are kayak its called the big banana we call it that because its the shape of a banana and it is yellow with some blue. We are taking turns to fish of the back of the boat while two paddled and the other one rests on the side. its my turn to fish now.

"Hey I've got a bite!" I yelled, jumping up and rocking the boat wildly, causing Kara to drop her paddle, Noah to fall out of the boat, (lucky he had his life jacket on) me to drop the fishing rod and dad to fall violently over the front of the boat. "Oh sorry I didn't mean it "I said while hauling Noah out of the water "i-its-its fr-fr-freezing"said Noah teeth chattering violently while his lips turned blue.

"Hey where's the fishing rod"Kara exclaimed

"oh no, I dropped it" while getting Noah out of the water I had forgotten all about the fishing rod ''you dropped the rod" said dad

"n-no nee-need t-to arg-argue its its Th-there" stuttered Noah
"oh yeah" I said "look its moving away, quick"I jumped into the water grabbing the fishing rod. Straight away I started shivering wildly. It was as cold as jumping into the freezer.
I started to swim back to the boat but the big thing at the end of the rod started to pull me the other way.
"help" I yelled
"coming Zia"Dad yelled back
Dad jump into help me by grabbing me by the ankle but the thing at the other end was to Strong it pulled both of us with ease(we had our life jackets on). Kara and Noah were just standing there looking.
The journey on the fishing rod was horrible WHOSH! we bounced up and down on the big waves and rolled over the small ones. My lungs burned with the pressure
It didn't take to long to get where we were going. When we got there we realised with fright that the thing pulling us was a great white shark. We quickly surfaced and was glad to see the big banana paddling quickly towards us.

At that moment I made my greatest descuvery ever, I should have rememberd the shark was odvuosly wanting food when he bit the squid on the end of the fishing line, so he had took us to his feeding grounds all we had to do to catch a fish was reach down and grab one.
"Kara bring the boat over here" I yelled to the boat.
"Whats up?" asked Dad
"Look down" I told him
"wow"at that time the boat arived. as soon as noah saw the fish he dived in and grabed a fish and chucked it in the boat where Kara nocked it out. We did this untill we had six juicy fish in the boat.Yum I licked my lips

once we got in the boat we headed straight for shore.I can't wait to tell grandma!