Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Centre Stage

*stand in the wings
*this is it
*black out
*deep breaths stay calm
*breathing as steady as gentle waves rolling in upon the beach
*lights turn on
*music starts

This is it, I'm ready to go standing in the black curtained wings on the side of the stage, heart pounding with all its might against my chest.

"Good luck." murmured Maddy.

OK stay calm Zia, stay calm slowly breath in, now out. I'm trying to keep my breathing as steady as gentle waves rhythmically rolling right up on the soft sandy beach then falling slowly back down.

Its black out now we're on, please don't muck up, dance yourself proud Zia. You can do it. I walk upon the stage my chin held high. I stand straight and still in my position. I drain all expression from my face, face now blank I stand waiting, waiting for the lights to turn on and the music to blare!