Sunday, August 1, 2010


Mickey: Luce is a mouse

Broccoli: Zia is boring

Cucumber: Sara is cool

Apple: Soph is annoying

Scene: Broccoli is sitting on the sofa, cucumber is standing casually against the wall and apple is trying to tickle Broccoli.

Broccoli: Stop it, Annoying Apple

Apple: You are so boring

Broccoli: Huh, I personally DO NOT know why I am friends with you

Cucumber: Oi, you two, stop argueing

Apple: Just because you’re cool. Hey, I bet you my stalk that I can get you of that sofa before the day ends, Broccoli.

Broccoli: Sure, start trying!

Cucumber: I am helping you Apple.

Apple: (stopped tickling) Hey, come here and I will tell you a joke.

Broccoli: I am not falling for that.

Apple: OK, I will tell you a joke anyway. Ready?

Cucumber: Bring it on!

Apple: What do you call a fly with no wings?

Broccoli: Don’t know.

Cucumber: (in a whisper) That’s hard.

Apple: A walk, get it……. Ha Ha

Cucumber: (laughing) Cool as Bro…..

Micky: Ha Ha to you, veg is my favourite food!

Broccoli: Aghh, there is Micky the vegitable eater

Cucumber: Run, run, run

Broccoli: Aghhhhh

They all get up and sprint with Micky hot on their heels.

Micky: (coming back on) Poo! I will get them eventually. (walks off)

Apple & Cucumber: (laughing) Ha Ha Ha

Apple: Huh, we got you off the sofa, Broccoli.

Cucumber: And long before night!!

Broccoli: Ha Ha, very funny…… NOT!

But once again, we deceived Micky the vegetarian mouse.

Apple & Cucumber: YEAH!!!!!