Sunday, June 20, 2010

The hunter walked through the bush. The leaves made a noise under his feet.

The determained hunter slowly shifted on his belly through the under groth of the forest as the leaves crunched and crackled under his boby. he aimed the gun and shot BANG it was as loud as thirty ballons being poped at the same time, He cursed as he saw the deer jump away from him.

The fit joyful male hunter walked cassualy along the road with his prize slumped over his soulder. The soft scoulching sound of wet muddy leaves under his heavey army boots pleased him. He felt as light as a feather because he was so happy, he had shot a deer

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Cratia is a moogag a cross between a magnet and a cow.
First i'll talk about the magnet bit while instead of legs it is a shimery mass of pupple shaped kind of like a cloud but instead of staying purple it changes with emotions. The magnet is as big as a desk and two times bigger than the head.
But there are two things that are speical about it first it is very fast when it feels metal But you could call that greedy because his favourite game is how fast he can devourer a piece of metal. but hey you can't blame him I'd like to see you not eat. Well its not exactly like he's eating it he kind of, well its kind of like he just touch's it and it slowly disapears.
Back to the metal, well he is the fastest Moogag in his town of Fedkan on the Planet ikoo, But the bad thing is he only moves when there is metal about because he is magnetic. A moogag is knowen ( Maybe not here thow) because of the gracefulnuss of the way they glide like a fast moving cloud and that is all because of the magnetic cloud of purple. The purple of it is a dark and hard Shade.

The cow part of a Moogag is the head it pops out of the cloud and can hide inside it. Cratia has a muscler head that is white with reguarl brown sploches she has big horns that curl around like a koro patern. Her eyes are aas big as the round bottum of a pump drink bottle and is a deep shade of brown like mud. Her mouth is usally open displaying her two fangs. So mainly it looks like a cows head.

That is what she looks like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!