Sunday, June 20, 2010

The hunter walked through the bush. The leaves made a noise under his feet.

The determained hunter slowly shifted on his belly through the under groth of the forest as the leaves crunched and crackled under his boby. he aimed the gun and shot BANG it was as loud as thirty ballons being poped at the same time, He cursed as he saw the deer jump away from him.

The fit joyful male hunter walked cassualy along the road with his prize slumped over his soulder. The soft scoulching sound of wet muddy leaves under his heavey army boots pleased him. He felt as light as a feather because he was so happy, he had shot a deer

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  1. Good describing of the hunter. one little tip on your title for this blog is that you dont have your name on the title! So is it Zia's Anything Blog or Anything blog? :)