Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Athletics Writing

"BANG" the clappers went. Paige was starting "ooh come on," I mutter to myself. With out realising I had started jumping on the roaring red track. Paige to Sara good change.

Our inter schools relay teams our versing the teachers and the parents. At the moment the parents are smashing up.

Sara is running towards me determination etched all over her face. I start to run building up speed as Sara came closer and closer.thump the baton reached my out stretched arm, I closed my hands around it and ran round the bend,at about half way I was going as fast as I could my legs seared with the pain and stress of running so fast. Its like my legs are going as fast as a fan at full speed.

I love the feeling of cutting throw the air and wind parting to let me throw.

WOW I can't believe it I've caught Mike. Now its all up to you Ansley I passed the baton on. We were even with the boys team. No not any More we are in front. "Hold on Ansley hold on," I said aloud.

"YES" we beat the boys I clenched fist and punched the air.

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  1. Awesome Zia! (:
    Some of it makes sence then some doesn't, but its got lots of information about what happened! Awesome Job! (: