Monday, May 3, 2010

The journy with a great white shark

WALT create a picture with words

"This is boring" I said under my breath.

We've been down here for 15 minutes now and we haven't caught a thing yet unless you count the gross, green, slippery, wet seaweed that Noah caught and Even that wasn't big. Its really choppy today. We are in are kayak its called the big banana we call it that because its the shape of a banana and it is yellow with some blue. We are taking turns to fish of the back of the boat while two paddled and the other one rests on the side. its my turn to fish now.

"Hey I've got a bite!" I yelled, jumping up and rocking the boat wildly, causing Kara to drop her paddle, Noah to fall out of the boat, (lucky he had his life jacket on) me to drop the fishing rod and dad to fall violently over the front of the boat. "Oh sorry I didn't mean it "I said while hauling Noah out of the water "i-its-its fr-fr-freezing"said Noah teeth chattering violently while his lips turned blue.

"Hey where's the fishing rod"Kara exclaimed

"oh no, I dropped it" while getting Noah out of the water I had forgotten all about the fishing rod ''you dropped the rod" said dad

"n-no nee-need t-to arg-argue its its Th-there" stuttered Noah
"oh yeah" I said "look its moving away, quick"I jumped into the water grabbing the fishing rod. Straight away I started shivering wildly. It was as cold as jumping into the freezer.
I started to swim back to the boat but the big thing at the end of the rod started to pull me the other way.
"help" I yelled
"coming Zia"Dad yelled back
Dad jump into help me by grabbing me by the ankle but the thing at the other end was to Strong it pulled both of us with ease(we had our life jackets on). Kara and Noah were just standing there looking.
The journey on the fishing rod was horrible WHOSH! we bounced up and down on the big waves and rolled over the small ones. My lungs burned with the pressure
It didn't take to long to get where we were going. When we got there we realised with fright that the thing pulling us was a great white shark. We quickly surfaced and was glad to see the big banana paddling quickly towards us.

At that moment I made my greatest descuvery ever, I should have rememberd the shark was odvuosly wanting food when he bit the squid on the end of the fishing line, so he had took us to his feeding grounds all we had to do to catch a fish was reach down and grab one.
"Kara bring the boat over here" I yelled to the boat.
"Whats up?" asked Dad
"Look down" I told him
"wow"at that time the boat arived. as soon as noah saw the fish he dived in and grabed a fish and chucked it in the boat where Kara nocked it out. We did this untill we had six juicy fish in the boat.Yum I licked my lips

once we got in the boat we headed straight for shore.I can't wait to tell grandma!

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