Tuesday, May 11, 2010

cross country practise

WALT describe - with voice

Anger started to bubble up inside me. It was as if I had violent vegetable oil inside me. I clenched my fist even tighter as I saw them stop and start to walk then they started to kick the cones. I made a face in the struggle to control my rage. In my head I said "far out they don't even want to try and be successful." They should think about other people who want to be successful we can't do it with out them trying. Then my rage bubbled to high "Stop walking" I yelled " and don't cut the cone."

I'm running down the hill behind the swimming pool where the teachers can't see us. That is why people walk here. I get really angery when people walk because it is our team goal and I want to be successful even if they don't.
"you don't even need to run fast" I shouted back and then I was past them.

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